Mining your own crypto currency can be a very expensive feat, especially for individuals. We offer two services that allow you to enjoy mining your own crypto currency, without the massive pay-out:



Our expert teams will host your mining equipment, hardware and software, for crypto currency mining at our cutting-edge data centers located in Germany and the USA. These centers are fully air conditioned 24/7, with a massive gigabit connection, offering 99.99% uptime. Enjoy receiving 100% of your crypto currency mining profits directly into your wallet- daily, for a small, monthly fee. Hosting is a strong option if you already have your equipment but can’t afford the time or money commitments it takes to set up a facility with the appropriate conditions required to run it.

Please get in touch with us to know more about how hosting can supercharge your profits.



If you want to mine, but do not want to pay extortionate prices to get the necessary equipment, we can rent equipment to you AND even host them in our facilities for you. This service will save you hours of research into the purchasing, set-up and storage of the mining equipment, ensuring that you can get the best mining tools available, without paying a small fortune. Our mining tools are the best the market has to offer, ensuring that your rented equipment will help you mine your crypto currencies as efficiently as possible.

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