Buy Or Sell Crypto Currencies With Ease!

Purchasing or selling your own crypto currency can be a potentially stressful and daunting task, especially for the beginners. Through this service, we aim to remove this unnecessary hassle by performing the crypto currency transactions for businesses and individuals alike!

Unlike many cryptocurrency ATM’s and exchanges, we have incredibly low transaction fees, so that you can make the most out of each transaction. We also understand how essential privacy is to our customers, which is why your identity will remain completely anonymous throughout the entire transaction process and we require minimal personal details for this service.

We have never lost a single crypto currency coin throughout our process using our completely proprietary platform. We are SSL and 2FA enabled, with a strict cold storage policy on all transactions and crypto currencies, alongside encrypted and distributed back-ups performed multiple times, daily. With these techniques combined, you get unparalleled security for your crypto currency transactions, providing you with the confidence you need.

Storing Your Crypto Currency – Just Got Easier!

The biggest concern surrounding the storage of crypto currencies is security – a need we place as our top priority at ATN Capital. Your crypto currencies are stored in our secure cold storage facilities with triple backups, each stored in a different location, all with state of the art security procedures.

When storing your crypto currency, it is important that you keep them away from exchanges and hosted wallets, which store private keys on your behalf. This subjects your stored crypto currency to high amounts of risk in the event of a server crash, or network hacking. Our storage service works in a very similar way to precious metal investors using licensed and secured vaults. The risk of-and exposure to-attempted security breaches, hacking and thefts are heavily mitigated with our use of cold storage, this is because your account details are not accessible through any web server or other computer network.

When you need to access your crypto currency funds, you simply need to call our expert customer support, pass our security and identification process and we will send your requested crypto currency to your specified wallet address. The option to have a password protected hard wallet sent to your address is also available. This transfer process is 100% hack, theft and loss proof.


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